Eco Containers

Our proposal

Sustainable Housing

To define health and well-being in the built environment, the World Sustainable Building Council (World GBC) developed the Health and Wellness Framework, which motivates the construction of healthy and equitable buildings in harmony with nature, including social impact across the value chain. Each of the principles of the Health and Wellness Framework has certain sub-principles from which strategies can be achieved to implement them throughout the life cycle of buildings.

The objective of the initiative

It is to expand the scope and meaning of Health and Wellness for the construction industry, and mobilize effective solutions to face the challenges of health and well-being, which derive from the actions of the building and construction sector, that is why in MYB we anticipate to develop our proposal of Ecocontainers for housing use trying to comply with the six principles, of the World GBC Health and Wellness Framework which defines the key aspects of human health, well-being and quality of life that relate to the built environment throughout the life cycle.

Our six principles

We have designed the concept of Container Homes

Protecting health

Which involves maintaining air and water quality at appropriate thresholds in order to minimize health risks and support and improve mental and social health by considering them in building design

Creating social value

Generating a commitment to protecting the health and well-being of people working during construction and providing long-term value to the communities around us and improving the local quality of life.

Harmony with nature

To ensure occupant access to nature within the Container and outdoors, fostering biodiversity within the footprint of the site and its surroundings.

Facilitate healthy behaviors

This means promoting indoor and outdoor activity, from design, and thus promoting the physical health of occupants and our employees, encouraging beneficial lifestyle practices for the owners of our solutions and for employees, including nutrition, hydration and social connectivity.

Prorize comfort

To guarantee constant thermal and acoustic comfort to improve well-being taking into account the different needs of future occupants of the containers, with exemplary lighting to improve well-being, prioritizing natural and energy-efficient solutions, seeking an inclusive design of the built environment.

Creating climate action

This implies committing ourselves to the search for net zero carbon emissions during the life cycle of the construction of container homes to contribute to the mitigation of climate change, trying to use water efficiently and ensuring a circular, safe and healthy use of construction materials throughout the life cycle of container homes.