Comprehensive consulting

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We are able to offer comprehensive consulting services in all activities related to construction, we have top-notch professionals, with experience in various areas of engineering such as mechanics, electricity and civil structure, as well as professionals with experience in plumbing, electrical ,mechanical, carpentry , some of them with more than 40 years of experience. We are able to carry out effectively and responsibly the Project Management and the Control of the Execution in order to ensure compliance with the works program without exceeding the approved budget

Estamos en capacidad de llevar a cabo de forma efectiva y responsable  la Gerencia del Proyecto y el Control de la Ejecución de manera de asegurar el cumplimiento del programa de obras sin exceder el presupuesto aprobado.


Within the specialized consulting services we offer assistance in the following areas:

1. Adequacy of permits in Florida (FBC)

The approval of projects in the state of Florida, requires knowledge of all building codes (FBC), our professionals and partners have more than 15 years of experience in the processing of permits in Florida which has allowed them to be recognized in the state as one of the safest companies to execute remodeling and construction projects with the security that will not suffer delays or penalties from the authorities for non-compliance with the strict rules of the different cities or counties of Florida.

2. Project Regulation Investigations

The investigation of regulations for projects is an activity that assures clients that their project can be carried out prior to contracting the services, which allows them to save considerable investments and time.

3. Trending

Trend research ensures that materials and designs are adapted to future customer needs and market requirements in order to avoid obsolescence and ensure the proper use of materials, construction techniques and tools. At MYB we are constantly reviewing trends to advise our clients and try to keep up with changes and market requirements.