Housing and Businesses

Viviendas Containers

Container homes have unlimited potential due to the modular nature of their design and construction, with the advantage that it can be considered as a sustainable housing solution, as explained above.


The containers can be used as basic temporary accommodation for workers or as long-term residential buildings with luxury decorations and fixtures. MYB has ventured with great success in La Florida in the design and supply of these structures from the factory of our allied companies directly to families and companies, with export capacity to any part of Latin America.

Comercial Containers

Container applications to integrate office space are widely used in different parts of the world for their ease of installation and speed, they are also widely used for food and accommodation facilities.


Multiple sets of containers are combined and supported by columns in the middle to form a large area for offices, dining rooms, accommodation, food sales, the difference is in the design and quality of materials, and for that MYB has the best architects, designers, suppliers and professionals who allow to offer unique solutions, fast and economical.